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Air Charter

Chaucer Logistics provides air cargo charters to freight agents, corporations, oil and construction companies worldwide. Freight or cargo aircraft charters are provided according to the requirement of the client, nature of the cargo and are available at short notice due to long-term contacts with airlines, aircraft owners and operators

Chaucer Logistics specialises in the following:

Charters for transportation of Heavy and Outsized Cargo.
Outsize cargo can be transported in one consignment avoiding delays and losses in transporting piecemeal shipments by several airlines flying different routes.

Charters for transportation of Relief or Aid Cargo.
During international emergencies and disasters when scheduled airlines may not have access to the most convenient airports, direct aircraft charter is the ideal solution.

Charters for transportation of Fresh Produce or Perishable Goods.
Fresh and/or perishable goods are safer transported by air cargo charter where the delays associated with scheduled airlines can be avoided.

Charters for transportation of Urgent "Must Go" Cargo.
When deadlines need to be met on time, aircraft charter is the choice when penalty clauses may apply or large amounts of losses are being suffered due to the delay.

Charters for transportation of Dangerous or Hazardous Cargo.
Hazardous cargo needs to be segregated from general traffic and passengers. Air charter makes it possible for dangerous cargo to be flown to their destination in safer conditions being kept in optimum conditions.

Charters for transportation of Motor Vehicles.
Either to support the motor sport industry or provide transportation of high value rare vehicles.

Charters for transportation of TV, Film, Music & Tours.

Supporting bands and orchestras on tour, TV & film crews on location even in the most extreme locations

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