Aerospace & Defence

Aerospace & defence demands of flexibility, accuracy, responsiveness and reliability. As operational requirements of destinations constantly migrate and change, so should the supply chain which supports them.

Chaucer Logistics's employees experience in serving the aerospace, defence and specialist engineering community spans several decades. Chaucer Logistics serves manufacturing and spares support environments for land, sea and air platforms and the growing civil defence and government sectors. Equipment support ranges from ammunition, water based vehicles, helicopters to jet aircraft, armoured vehicles, communication systems through to fire and urban rescue vehicles. Flexible and bespoke solutions are delivered, recognising the unique constraints, accreditations and skills necessary for defence, whilst incorporating the scale, resources and our international reach.

Physical logistics, including storage, distribution and packing, services are provided as part of new generation 'spares availability based' contracts. Our operations are based in strategically located support centres, on customers' facilities or on military bases. Specialised performance and military packaging is also designed, manufactured and supplied in line with UK, NATO and US defence standards.

Chaucer Logistics's range of services for the aerospace & defence industry support initial production or the ongoing life cycle of a platform. These include:

  • Inbound logistics - component in-feed and kitting from vendor to production
  • Spares / reverse logistics - collection, storage and distribution of serviceable and unserviceable spares
  • Post production & military packing- specialised on or off site packing and outbound logistics to trade, military or export standards
  • Packaging design, manufacture & supply- in house design, production and supply of performance packaging
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