LTL Groupage & Partloads - Less-Than-Truck Load

If you don't have enough cargo to fill a full trailer, Chaucer Logistics offers LTL groupage services between major cities throughout Europe. We have an extensive network of Trailer Freight Stations (TFS) which means we can offer you space within a trailer that is shared with other customers' goods to deliver economical usage-based costing, while providing full trailer load shedules, routing and visibility.

As a leading LTL Groupage Operator we can provide services that feature:

  •  European network coverage in over 25 countries
  •  Daily Departures to many areas
  •  Reliability and adherence to schedules
  •  Competitive usage-based pricing
  •  Shipment visibility throughout its journey
  •  Trusted door to door solutions
  •  Complete neutrality for shippers and forwarders alike.

LTL Groupage keeps your goods moving because you can send or request them as soon as they are ready rather than waiting to fill a trailer allowing smaller orders and more sales. The following services are included:

  •  Receipt of cargo at the origin TFS
  •  Consolidation of cargo with similar cargo from other shippers
  •  Issuance of CMR or truck bill of lading 
  •  Road shipment
  •  Deconsolidation at destination TFS

Our LTL Groupage services can be effectively combined with our service offerings to provide end-to-end solutions:

  •  Order Management and Quality Control for effective management of suppliers and goods prior to shipment
  •  Collection from factory or origin of goods to TFS for consolidation
  •  Customs Brokerage services for border crossings and goods not in free circulation
  •  Delivery to consignee following deconsolidation at destination TFS

Our LTL Groupage service is unique because it offers fixed scheduling and pricing, operates with economies of scale, and fully integrates with our superior tracking tools and broad portfolio of value-added services

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