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vehicle types

All vehicles in our fleet are maintained to the highest standard to guarantee reliability and the very best performance on the road.

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Trucks & Vans

  • Small Van

    Length: 1.58m
    Width: 1.10m
    Height: 1.12m
    Cubic Metres: 1.40m3
    Payload: 400kg

  • 4m Van

    Length: 4.22m
    Width: 1.26m
    Height: 1.77m
    Cubic Metres: 10.0m3
    Payload: 1400kgs

  • 7.5 T Curtainside tail lift

    Length: 6.5m
    Width: 2.5m
    Height: 2.5m
    Cubic Metres: 40m3
    Payload: 2,300kgs

  • 18 T Curtainside tail lift or box tail lift

    Length: 7.6m
    Width: 2.5m
    Height: 2.5m
    Cubic Metres: 47m3
    Payload: 9,500kgs

  • Artic - Euroliner curtainside tail lift (or box/flatbed trailers)

    Length: 13.6m
    Width: 2.5m
    Height: 2.5m
    Cubic Metres: 85m3
    Payload: 26,000kgs

  • 26 T Rigid crane vehicle / cheesewedge beavertail

    Length: 8.2m
    Width: 2.5m
    Payload: 8,400 kg
    Lifting capacity:
    7450 kg @ 0 metres
    2435 kg @12.5 metres

  • 26 T Curtainside tail lift

    Length: 9m
    Width: 2.5m
    Height: 2.5m
    Cubic Metres: 56m3
    Payload: 14,950 kg

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